Our Early Childhood & Family Engagement programs build school readiness in children ages 0 to 5, their families and neighboring schools. We foster catalytic change by working with families and leading community initiatives that improve early childhood systems and access to resources.

Early Head Start and School Readiness Programs

We enrich parental skills, starting with prenatal development, and empower parents to be early childhood and educational advocates. We offer home visits, social and health services, prenatal education and support, educational playgroups and activities, and assistance for families with children who have special needs. Our holistic approach eliminates barriers to success and aids parents in becoming their child’s first teachers and leaders in their communities. We partner with elementary schools to involve parents early in the schools their children will attend.


We offer high-quality childcare for parent workshops, meetings, conferences and other activities on a fee-for-service basis. We bring all the necessary materials and supplies for an enriching childcare experience and provide a safe environment where children are treated with respect. Our staff is bilingual (English and Spanish), certified in CPR and first aid, and trained in developmentally appropriate practices.



Transform Schools supports administrators, teachers, students, families and partners to develop school environments that foster high-quality instruction and to coordinate services that reduce barriers to learning, advance equity and address opportunity gaps. LAEP promotes a whole-school transformation model based on our Six Core Elements: high-quality instruction, teacher leadership and collaboration, college and career prepared, parents as partners, youth empowerment, educational equity. To implement the model, our work is divided into the four main focus areas. This work is supported by philanthropy or available on a fee-for-service basis.

Teaching & Learning

LAEP promotes vision- and mission-driven schools that strategically, collaboratively plan for and implement change. We support the capacity of administrators and teacher-leaders to drive school success through coaching, professional development, and networks with other educators. LAEP’s approach to teaching and learning prioritizes trust-building and school climate, while also increasing educators’ capacity to develop rigorous, engaging curriculum and relevant assessments.

Community Schools

LAEP’s community-school model leverages and aligns community resources and school assets to build collaborative, problem-solving systems that address barriers to learning and create ways to address the opportunity gap. LAEP’s community-school coordinators work with educators, nonprofits, government agencies and businesses to transform the schools into hubs for integrated services for students and families, as well as culturally vibrant educational centers.

College & Career Pathways

LAEP supports the creation of college-going cultures at all schools. We work with high schools to organize partners and resources to provide students and their families with assistance in completing college and financial aid applications. LAEP helps teachers design and implement curricula for advisory periods and classroom instruction that focus on college and career awareness and readiness. LAEP awards workforce readiness certificates to students who complete résumé-writing and dress for success workshops, plus mock interviews.

Trauma Responsive & Resilient Schools

Building on LAEP’s expertise in trauma-informed and school-climate strategies, LAEP provides workshops and coaching to assist schools in becoming trauma-responsive and resilient—safe, respectful learning environments that promote well-being for all members of the school community. LAEP is partnering with Kaiser Permanente on a twenty school, national pilot project, in which schoolwide leadership teams learn to implement and promote policies and practices that build trusting school climates and increase the health and well-being of staff and students.



LAEP cultivates the resilience and achievement of educators,
children and families through collaboration and educational equity.

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