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It doesn’t matter if they have great grades if they’re not great people


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Create the harbor–create a safe place in a world of heart break, create high expectations for those who have no one who cares about them, create the education you wish you had had for these hungry students. We are the harbor for these great young people. We are our brother’s keeper.In a community in need of grace, compassion and mercy, we’re holding our students to the highest standard, not only high school graduation, but college graduation. But we need to feed them the opportunities and access to get them there, including access to knowledge, experts and sages, the arts, and literature.

This is why we need your support of the Social Justice Humanitas Academy’s Events Club. There are so many opportunities that interest our students: authors like Malcolm Gladwell, journalists like Nicholas Kristof, political science professors from UCLA, the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl, political forums at Zocalo Public Square.But we need to get them there. Please support us as generously as you are able.

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Our students learn the most important lessons, but to hear them lived out through the opportunities of the Events Club shifts the paradigm, expanding themselves outside of their minds and their communities and to the world. Help continue the lessons of their classrooms by helping them get out into the community. As their teachers say, “social justice is a public act of love.” Empower our movement.

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