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September 14, 2015



LAEP Supports the Development of Trauma Informed
Schools in Los Angeles for 30 Years



Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP) is one of the lead organizations recruited to offer trauma training to Compton Unified School District teachers and staff, pending U.S. District Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald decision to grant an injunction, which would require the training.

Lara Kain, LAEP senior director of Transform Schools, is a leader in training teachers and schools on trauma sensitivity and is part of the remedy team for the class-action lawsuit against Compton Unified School District.


Lara is available to comment on:

  • The implications for educators and the need for more specific, specialized training that address trauma and its impact in the classroom.
  • LAEP’s experience and research on misbehavior and “acting out” as indicators of trauma.
  • The remedy solution: LAEP’s response to trauma issues based on 30 years working in schools, including its “Community School Model.”
  • LAEP’s 3-Step practice in creating Trauma Informed schools and classrooms.


LAEP’s response to these chronic issues is based on 30 years working in schools.  As an organization of educators, LAEP believes the Compton Unified lawsuit is an opportunity to include educators in the ongoing conversation to meet the needs of the students most effectively who are experiencing childhood trauma. In a recent study at high-poverty schools, L.A. Unified officials found that eight in 10 kids had suffered three or more traumatic events in the preceding year alone, and research is pointing towards what happens outside of the classroom as one of the reasons why kids in lower-income neighborhoods fail so much more than their upper-income peers.

“In our experience, and research confirms, that misbehavior and ‘acting out’ are often indicators or trauma,” said Lara Kain, LAEP senior director of Transform Schools. “We work with teachers to identify the underlying factors motivating these behaviors and provide strategies on how to communicate with compassion when working with students. Educators have an enormous potential to positively impact students through instruction, structured interactions and community building in classrooms and schools.  Research shows positive adult relationships can go a long way to mitigate the effects of trauma and build resiliency in young people. It is one of the many reasons why we advocate for training school personnel, in addition to the teachers. “


If you would like to schedule an interview with Lara Kain, please contact:

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About Lara Kain

Lara Kain joined LAEP as senior director of Transform Schools in 2013. She has fostered the use of LAEP’s holistic school reform model in LAEP’s Partner Schools Initiative consisting of 10 pilot schools, two comprehensive high schools and three middle schools located in low-income areas of Los Angeles. Prior to LAEP, she worked for four years at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, providing expert leadership and technical support for low-achieving schools and districts, including Title I and School Improvement Grants. She is a leader in training teachers and schools on trauma sensitivity and is part of the remedy team for the class-action lawsuit against Compton Unified School District.  She also worked for the University of Wisconsin–Madison and as a teacher and administrator of small public high schools with values and practices that are similar to those of LAEP’s Humanitas and community schools. She has a bachelor’s in education from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a master’s in public administration from Evergreen State College.
About Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP)

LAEP’s mission is to work as a collaborative partner in high-poverty communities to foster great schools that support the personal and academic success of children and youth from birth through high school.  Founded in 1984, LAEP was the first educational-transformation organization in Los Angeles and among those at the forefront of the movement nationwide. Over the decades, LAEP’s cutting-edge efforts in smaller learning communities, pilot schools, interdisciplinary curriculum and inquiry-based teaching have evolved into recognized best practices. LAEP is the local leader in developing community schools and is an influential partner in the state and national movements. LAEP works with a group of partner schools that have committed to implementing our model and its six core elements: high-quality instruction, teacher leadership and collaboration, college and career prepared, parents as partners, youth empowerment, educational equity.

LAEP’s current services are grouped into two areas: Transform Schools and Early Childhood & Family Engagement. Our objectives are to improve student achievement; motivate students to stay in school and graduate ready for college or a career; enhance teachers’ skills; transform school culture in underperforming schools; prepare young children developmentally for kindergarten; and engage parents and communities in collaboratively supporting children’s education. In 2014-15, in Transform Schools and Early Childhood programs, LAEP served 1,120 educators and 19,560 students plus their families in underserved communities across Los Angeles County. To learn more about LAEP, please visit

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