LAEP Highlights from Cincinnati to CSUN

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Read about our Ed Salon on parent engagement and two articles posted on the Coalition for Community Schools Blog and the Washington Post written by LAEP staff in response to their experience at the Community Schools National Forum!
“Seeking an Authentic Voice” Ed Salon on parent engagement held at CSUN
LAEP’s latest Education Salon tackled one of the longest standing and critical topics in public education, genuine parent engagement, which reflects one our Six Core Elements, Parents as Partners. “Seeking an Authentic Voice: The Role of Parents and Communities in School Change in Los Angeles,” took place April 16th at the Cal State Northridge campus. The night featured panelists deeply engaged in parent advocacy work. Read More
“Why community schools are part of the answer” by Brock Cohen

“How’s Cincinnati so far?” My question was directed at Eddy Estrada, a 17-year-old high school senior from East L.A.’s Esteban E. Torres High School. We’d already begun chatting it up during the keynote of the Community Schools National Forum’s dinner plenary, which was enough time for me to: a) realize that it doesn’t take me long to set a bad example, b) learn that Eddy was slated to co-facilitate multiple presentations, and c) seriously question whether, in talking with Eddy, I was moving rapidly beyond my own intellectual depth. Read More

“Dual Capacity-Building Frame for Family-School-Partnerships”  by Jennie Carey
The Community Schools National Forum was a roller coaster for me. Though inspired by the vision clinics in schools, youth creating videos, teachers sacrificing it all to reform their schools, and district and state level policies supporting our movement, it was difficult for me not to be a little self conscious. Read More