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Yolanda is a lead-teacher in the School of Business and Tourism at Miguel Contreras Learning Complex. For more than 15 years yolanda salazar1she has been involved with LAEP and our Career Academies Program. “Career experiences tell students how their academic work connects to their lives,”  Yolanda explains… and, “education prepares them for a career, not just to get a passing grade.”

Collaboratively, LAEP and teachers like Yolanda developed the program for college and career preparation which is a hallmark of LAEP’s partner schools serving more than 11,000 students in low-income Los Angeles neighborhoods. “As a teacher, I would have given up on career pathways if it were not for LAEP. Rather, together we learned how to integrate career-themes into core classes and how to give students real-life experiences through site visits, seminars on resume-writing and business dress, mock interviews, and work-based learning experiences.”

nellfapicNellfa is a student who also benefitted from LAEP’s college and career pathways, as a graduate of one of LAEP’s partner schools. Very shy when she entered high school Nellfa remarks, “I learned how to be unafraid to approach people. Feedback from mock interviews made me more comfortable; I learned how to conduct myself and how interviewing skills are so important.” Asked about the significance of this program, “€œIt made me realize what I wanted to do and gave me first-hand experience two years before even getting to college.” Armed with a goal for her life and the persistence to get there, Nellfa recently graduated from Woodbury University as an accounting major and currently works at a law firm in Glendale.

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